Indiana University of Pennsylvania received $2,097,074从联邦教育部为iup的老鹰翱翔计划提供学生成就和准备机会.


一群学生站成一圈,在橡树树林里聊天负责学生学业成功的副教务长Amber Racchini是项目主管, 与校长学生成功战略顾问Paula Stossel和学生成功团队成员密切合作, on implementation of the project.

This grant supports two broad goals, 都专注于特定人群的学生成功:提高IUP的佩尔合格学生的保留率和坚持率, first-generation, and underrepresented minority students by expanding upon a student success outreach model; and improving institutional structures and campus culture to be more proactive and responsive to the diverse needs of students. 符合佩尔资格的学生主要是有经济需要的低收入学生,他们还没有获得高等教育学位. 

这笔赠款资金将增加IUP学生成功基础设施内的既定举措, launched in summer 2023.

学生成功基础设施解决了大学战略计划的主要目标:通过培养卓越的以学生为中心的文化,改变IUP的文化,提高学生的体验. The infrastructure is designed to provide data-driven, proactive direct support to all students in all programs, at all levels, and at all sites.

Providing this direct support are Navigators, who are frontline, full-time staff members who work with faculty, staff, academic advisors, and other campus resources, including the newly established advising center in the University College, to assist students with their personal and academic journey.

“We are already encouraged to hear stories from students, university staff, 学生成功基础设施的积极影响, including our navigators,” IUP President Michael Driscoll said.

“学生成功基础设施是在全校范围内广泛讨论和研究最佳实践后开发的, 这也反映了整个大学都愿意改变文化,专注于成为一所更加以学生为中心的大学,” he said. “The infrastructure, and our approach to student success in its practices and tactics, was the basis of this competitive grant application.

“被选为这个级别的资助,加强了我们对学生保留和坚持的至关重要的工作的方法,并确认我们有一个有效的计划,用于新的和扩大的项目,将帮助这些特殊群体的学生在IUP取得成功. I congratulate Dr. Racchini, Mrs. Stossel和所有参与这项拨款提案的团队成员,”他说.

In addition to the navigators, Stossel, and Racchini, 学生成功基础设施团队包括机构研究执行主任, Planning, and Assessment Chris Kitas; Student Success Data and Technology Specialist David Luke; and Director of Academic Advising Meghan Erwin.

“导航员在建立联系和为学生提供支持方面做得非常出色,” Racchini said. “The data team is providing good, proactive information to the navigators and the team members, 大学学院的咨询中心定期为学生提供咨询服务,” she said.

这笔赠款将资助补充学生成功基础设施的项目和计划. Within the goals of the grant, there are three primary objectives, 所有这些都直接关系到IUP的战略计划和持续努力,以创造一个以学生和他们的成功为中心的环境, Racchini and Stossel said.

These objectives are: 

  • Increase first- to second-year retention of Pell-eligible, first-generation, and underrepresented minority students;
  • Increase these students’ sense of belonging through the Summer Bridge Program and by educating and training IUP employees to provide holistic and culturally responsive support; and
  • 改善教师的教学方法和主动学习策略,以缩小学生成绩的平等差距, especially in foundational courses.

这笔拨款将为三名符合佩尔资格的导航员提供资金, first-generation, and underrepresented minority students. 导航员将与这些学生密切合作,主动解决我们所知道的阻碍他们成功和毕业的障碍.

该基金资助的专业发展项目将侧重于教授英语和数学等学科的基础课程,以加强教学方法. 额外的专业发展包括在教学和指导学生时如何利用生活设计原则的培训, 并对IUP的早期预警和沟通平台的教职员工进行培训, IUP Advise.

After training faculty and staff on the life design program, 它将被整合到大学学院学生完成的课程中.

The Summer Bridge Program will begin in summer 2024. 它的目标是让学生在进入IUP时对该计划的三个主要组成部分有一个扎实的理解, campus resources, and social development. 

Each June, 所有即将入学的IUP学生必须参加知识空间评估和学习(ALEKS)数学分班测试和英语掌握自我指导调查. 夏季桥梁项目将重点关注分班考试成绩较低的学生. 他们将学习英语和数学的基础课程,以便他们在正确的轨道上开始秋季学期. This program will be free to students.

“This commitment to student success is university-wide, 我们看到了与这项至关重要的工作相关的令人难以置信的支持和正能量,” Stossel said. “It’s not only our priority, but also what we owe to our students, 以学生为中心,尽我们所能帮助他们取得成功.”